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Sunshine Collective

Sunshine Collective is an online and neighborhood retail business specializing in serving their customers through alternative healing methods; while supporting local artisans, by creating a community of spiritual growth and encouragement. 

The logo is a multifaceted mark; comprised of celestial bodies that create an enlightened third eye imagery that references Sunshine Collective's dedication to teaching and healing.

Brand Guidelines

In partnership with Craft Branding; the ultimate goal was the curation of a unique logo, cohesive brand identity, engaging assets for social media, photo styles, and custom icons that reflect their  resonating message.

The Brand Guidelines are comprised of rules and assets reflected in the visual identity across all brand pieces, as well as the tools Sunshine Collective needs to gain traction and successful expansion. 

Social Templates

To set the standards of Sunshine Collective's social presence, 5 different posts were created to model how the colors, photo styles, typography and other assets were to be used properly. These styles modeled, a new collection release, a sales post, an inspirational quote, a customer review, and an event announcement.

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